Here are some answers to the questions we're asked most frequently.

I am a new customer. Do I need to have my tank inspected before delivery?

New customers no longer must have an in-person inspection. Instead, we ask you to send in pictures of your oil tank after you order to [email protected]. These pictures should include a full tank visual, one of under the tank, and the fill pipes outside.

How do I know how much oil to order?

Most home oil tanks have a capacity of 275 gallons. If you look at the oil level indicator, ¾ = about 190 gallons , ½ = 135 gallons , ¼ – about 65 gallons. If you would like to fill your tank, please order more oil then you expect to fit in the tank and we will refund any leftover balance back to your credit card automatically.

The price per gallon just went down and my order isn't delivered yet. Can I cancel and reorder at a lower price?

You cannot cancel an order and reorder for a lower price. Your price is locked in at the time of order no matter if the price goes up or down.

My delivery area is tomorrow but on the order screen it is saying next week for delivery?

Orders must be placed by 12 noon the day before we are in an area in order to be processed for delivery the following day. If you need to make special arrangements please call the office at 946-0600, fees may apply.

If my oil runs out, do I have to prime the burner after my delivery? If so, How do I do this?

Yes! If your oil tank runs dry it picks up air and you must bleed the system in order for it to restart. Once the oil has been delivered you can easily prime the burner yourself in just a few minutes. If you wish to get your system going before a delivery is made all you'll need is some diesel fuel (it's the same as home heating oil, but with the vehicle tax applied). Pour the diesel fuel into the same fill pipe we deliver to and follow the instructions. Visit this helpful video for instructions:

If you are not comfortable doing this and have run out of oil, our driver can perform this for you for a small fee.

When I try to order it's saying "Cannot deliver this oil to your zone. Please order the proper oil for your zone."

Oil is priced differently based on where you live in RI. You must order from the zone (either Northern or Southern) applicable to your town. See our ordering page for a list of the towns in each zone.