Can You Buy Online AND Buy Local? Yes!


Lately, you may have seen ads on social media and Google offering “low” prices on oil delivery in RI with the ability to order online. You should know that these are not Rhode Island oil companies. They are aggregation services that sign-up area oil companies to serve as their “delivery people”. When someone requests a delivery, they put the request out to whoever has the lowest price and availability. Because these services take a cut of the sale, pricing will almost always be higher than if you went with the same company directly. What’s worse is that each time you order oil, a different company may deliver it, resulting in inconsistent service and expectations.

At GetNetFuels, we are the only company delivering oil to you when you order from us. The trucks are ours, the oil is ours, and the staff is…our staff! Count on consistent, reliable service with a delivery schedule that does not change week to week. Most importantly, because we don’t have to pay an aggregation service to bring us business, we offer the lowest rates in Rhode Island directly to you, with no middle man.