TANK-GUARD® Tank Protection

Oil storage tanks are durable and well designed, but they are subject to corrosion and eventually need to be replaced. The life of an oil storage tank is impossible to predict and the most common cause of failure is from internal corrosion. If your oil tank needs to be replaced it could cost you upwards of $2,000. We realize that is can be a huge bite out of your budget. That’s why we offer our TANK-GUARD® Oil Tank Protection Program. It’s a proactive service that protects your tank against damaging internal corrosion with an effective corrosion inhibitor and also protects you financially with a tank warranty that can replace a leaking tank at no charge (your only cost may be for a permit and required safety upgrades if necessary).

We believe in the TANK-GUARD product and the no hassle warranty. It is a good preventive maintenance plan that will give you peace of mind for just pennies a day. After you sign up for the program we will treat your tank with TANK-GUARD during your next delivery and you’ll be covered. It’s really that easy! Now if your tank should leak due to internal corrosion while it’s covered by the warranty – you will be spared the replacement expense.Oil tank replacement cost upwards of $2,000 and is not covered by most homeowners insurance. This is the best oil tank warranty available and that’s why we strongly recommend this program for all our customers. The price is only $59.95 for the corrosion inhibitor and the renewable one-year warranty.


Why Do You Need It?

Internal corrosion is the most common cause of oil tank failure. Water is the primary culprit! Water condenses from the air inside your oil tank and sinks through the oil to the bottom where acidic sludge develops. This sludge causes corrosion which can lead to tank failure. The TANK-GUARD® liquid rust inhibitor is poured into your oil tank during a normal oil delivery once every year. It will protect your tank against internal corrosion and give you the financial security of a tank warranty.

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Leaking tanks, tanks that have been repaired, underground tanks and tanks of more than 330-gallon capacity are not eligible and are excluded.

Your tank must be inspected by Net Fuels prior to enrollment. Warranty coverage will begin on the date your payment is received. To be eligible to renew the warranty coverage you must receive a minimum of three oil deliveries from Net Fuels during the one year warranty period. Once you enroll your tank we will renew the protection annually if you meet the minimum three delivery requirement, unless we are notified otherwise. The TANK-GUARD® oil tank warranty is provided by Lincoln Laboratory and is limited to the terms of the “TANK-GUARD ANNUAL LIMITED WARRANTY”. The warranty benefit is limited to tank replacement and does not extend to emergency service or environmental cleanup. New tanks will be installed inaccordance with safety codes. Costs for permits and some safety code upgrades (if required) will be extra. This program does not guarantee that your tank will not fail. Please rememberto check your oil tank regularly and call us immediately at the first sign of any leak.